Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Day is being observed on July 15

Plastic surgery is more reconstructive than cosmetic and making the organs function again is more important for plastic surgeon, Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery of King George Hospital and AMC P.V. Sudhakar said here on Thursday. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Day is being observed on July 15.

Role in other departments

“Plastic surgery is termed as a head-to-toe and also womb-to-tomb procedure since it is required for all organs and age of a patient does not matter,” Dr. Sudhakar said at a press conference.

This wing’s services were required in other departments also as plastic surgeons continue with patients who have undergone cancer surgery to reconstruct the removed parts, congenital anomalies, etc.

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Day which is being observed since the last three years is one occasion the plastic surgeons are utilising to make people understand the what really is plastic surgery and its advantages apart from providing cosmetic relief, he said.

This year the department at KGH is organising reconstructive surgeries for leprosy affected persons to bring action back in their limbs which have been deformed due to leprosy. About 10 persons would be operated on Monday. Around 25 plastic surgeons would be explained about the surgeries so that they could take up surgeries on their own at their places.

Dr. Sudhakar, along with former deputy director of Leprosy Mission of India D. Vijay Kumar, M. Srinivasa Rao, P.R.K. Prasad and C.V. Subba Reddy would perform the surgeries.

PoP casing

Tendon transfer surgery would be performed on the patients to make their limbs function again.

Not all the nerves would be affected due to leprosy and the surgeons would connect the good nerves to the limbs, explained Dr. Sudhakar about the procedure.

The patients would be hospitalised for three to four days and sent home with the operated limb in a PoP casing.


The casing would be removed after 15 days and after given physiotherapy, the limbs would function well in about one month to one-and-a-half months, Dr. Sudhakar said.

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