A team of orthopaedic surgeons of King George Hospital here has done a reconstructive surgery replacing a crushed tibia, the main weight bearing bone of the leg of an accident victim with a non-functional small bone fibula and got it enlarged to the size of normal weight bearing bone.

Superintendent of KGH M. Madhusudhan Babu informed on Thursday that this was a rare case of surgery which saved the leg of the patient, who was told by doctors at some other hospitals that the leg had to be amputated. The team led by professor of orthopaedics M. Eswara Babu performed the extensive and painstaking surgery.

Twenty seven years old Prasad met with an accident two years ago and his tibia was crushed badly. He came to KGH with grossly infected wound one year ago and was treated with debridement (removal of dead or infected tissue) and after controlling infection, Ilizarov ring fixater reconstruction (to enhance the length of the bone) was done and the major bone of support which was destroyed was replaced by the non functional small bone. It has enlarged to the normal weight bearing bone.

Prasad is now able to stand and walk on his own functioning leg.

Dr. Madhusudhan Babu congratulated the team of doctors and assured the public that KGH has the commitment for excellence in patient care.

Needles removed

Doctors of Department of Gastroenterology removed two sewing needles from the proximal small intestine of a 16-yar-old girl Bindu through endoscopic procedure. The girl swallowed the needles on February 2 and came to the GE Department with severe pain in abdomen. She was examined and the endoscopic method was adopted to remove the needles. She was discharged on the same day, Professor and HoD of Gastroenterology Muralikrishna informed.

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