With increased social awareness citizens are expressing their anguish at various instances of injustice or terrorist acts. Atrocities against women and the Hyderabad blasts triggered by terrorists have led to spontaneous protests. Expressing their solidarity with victims various sections of people are giving vent to their concern and anger by taking out processions or demonstrations. Students are always in the forefront of such demonstrations.

However, with traffic in the city growing multi-fold rallies and protests are throwing traffic out of gear. The other day a rally by students from Gandhi statue to Jagadamba Junction has led to a traffic snarl. While everyone supports the cause for which protests are organised, the inconvenience or hardships caused to various sections of citizens also need a closer look. In the race against time, for people going about their work every minute is precious. Someone may be rushing to pick up his child at school, others to receive a relative at the railway station or a host of such tasks where time is of essence. Getting caught in the traffic delays the task and gets on one’s nerves.

Cities generally follow the practice of organising protests at certain venues. Indira Park in Hyderabad and Jantar Mantar in Delhi are known for it. In Visakhapatnam, Gandhi statue at GVMC has become a preferred venue for protests. If rallies ought to be taken out, the organisers must ensure that the protestors go in an organised manner without obstructing traffic.

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