TDP Madugula MLA sits on fast at the reservoir demanding that the water be allotted only to agriculture

A stand-off prevailed at the Raiwada reservoir on Sunday with Madugula MLA G. Rama Naidu going on fast and obstructing water supply to the city in the evening demanding that the Raiwada water be totally allotted to agriculture.

The TDP MLA sat on a fast at the reservoir in the morning and called it off in the afternoon.

Later, sandbags and stones were put at the arm of the reservoir that brings drinking water to the city.

A good number of farmers were present.

Raiwada reservoir, about 58 km away, is one of the major sources of water to the city from which 27 mgd of water is drawn daily by an open canal. The MLA is demanding that the G.O. that allotted water from the reservoir to Visakhapatnam be scrapped and the total quantity of water be allotted to agriculture.

“Besides, the modernisation work of the reservoir should be completed and the Rs.96 crore the GVMC owed to the government towards water utilised should be paid,” he demanded.

The stand-off continued till late in the evening and officials of the GVMC and Irrigation left for the reservoir.

About a decade ago, a similar protest was staged under the leadership of Congress leader Konathala Ramakrishna (now in YSRCP), at the reservoir.

The Raiwada water is apportioned between agriculture and supply to the city. Of the 3 tmcft water, GVMC gets 1.4 tmcft and the remaining is for agriculture. Since the supply is meant for the city and none of the corporations, including the Hyderabad Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board, have been paying the cess, the GVMC has been representing to the government to waive the cess payable, it is learnt.

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