150.25 km of roads damaged with Zone VI accounting for the maximum of 46.5 km

Damage to roads, drains, retaining walls and water supply lines is estimated at Rs.25.7 crore in the heavy rain during the last few days. A total of 150.25 km of roads, with Zone VI accounting for the maximum 46.5 km followed by Zone III (28.6 km), Zone V (22.29 km), Zone I (22 km) and Zone II 6 km, were damaged. The amount required for restoration is estimated at Rs.11.82 crore. Other damages are: 11 drains measuring 45.53 km (Rs.7.71 lakh), 37 retaining walls (Rs.1.88 crore) and water supply (Rs.3.19 crore).

Water released

Water of the order 5,000 cusecs was being released from Meghadrigedda reservoir. The approach to the old airport terminal was flooded.

Because of the improvements taken up for water to flow, flooding of Sheelanagar, a regular occurrence whenever it poured, was avoided, Municipal Commissioner M.V. Satyanarayana said. All the people evacuated barring those from Ekalavya Colony have returned to their homes.


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