Urges people to be vigilant to check nefarious activities

Highlighting terrorist activities by the media will only further the goal of the terrorists to create fear in the minds of the public and thereby hit the economy, said Superintendent of Police (Visakhapatnam Rural) G. Srinivas.

At a programme organised by the Knowledge to Initiate New Developments (KIND) here on Monday, he said publicity as the ‘lifeline’ of terrorists. They would rejoice at the wide publicity given to their activities as it brings life to a standstill and result in a negative impact on the economy of the State or nation concerned. Saying that security was not the concern of the police alone, he said all citizens should be vigilant of their surroundings and inform the security agencies or the police when they find anything or anyone suspicious.

Citing an example, the SP said that many house owners do not feel the need to make proper inquiries about their prospective tenants before letting out their house/building on rent.

The tenant could use the local address to get undue advantage to undertake nefarious activities.

Mr. Srinivas underlined the need to adopt inbuilt safety mechanisms at the construction-stage itself to prevent future problems. Commercial complexes like malls and even residential apartments could plan foolproof safety features like remote cameras to check the entry of criminals. NGOs could also be involved to propagate the importance of security. He felt that the government could also encourage those who go for security gadgets initially to promote their use.

KIND president Adari Kishore Kumar presided.

T. Harshavardhan, Kalla Srinivasa Rao, Janardhan, K. Nookesh, representatives of various youth and student organisations, ABVP and Lok Satta participated.

The SP released posters against terrorism. Earlier, the participants observed two-minutes silence to mourn those who died in the recent bomb blasts in Hyderabad.

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