An actor breathes life into a character and an animator creates an incredible character, observed noted film actor Kallu Chidambaram.

Speaking at a seminar on movie making and acting organised by Millennium Software Solutions here on Sunday, he noted that an actor emoted making one smile, laugh and weep along with him or her. Animation was simulation of motion and an animator gave a specific direction to simulated movements, captivating one with dynamic action and histrionics.

“An animator who understands the nuances of acting can bring alive his characters with extraordinary effect. Present day parents need no more be unduly worried of their wards evincing too much interest in movies, acting and animation, as there are umpteen number of career options,” Mr. Chidambaram stated.

CEO of MSS Gadi Sridhar Reddy said that along with courses in multimedia, Millennium School of animation was offering training in sketching, painting, photography, acting, direction, short film making etc., as part of the curriculum. Integrated courses were being offered to students who were aspiring to exploit the nascent movie industry in the city.

Actor K.V. Hanumantha Rao of ‘Jayam' fame, general manager Sai Dronamraju and others spoke.

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