GVMC made available online payment facility also this year. The average collection during the last few days was around Rs.2 crore.

Property tax payment peaked on the last day of the financial year on Ugadi day though it was a holiday.

The payment on Monday reached a record Rs.3.44 crore by evening and with the centres working till midnight it was expected to further go up.

The average collection during the last few days was around Rs.2 crore.

With the last two days turning out to be holidays, GVMC made arrangements for Saukaryam, Mee Seva and specified bank counters to work during the two days and up to midnight on the last day. GVMC also made available online payment facility this year. On the last day, however, no large queues were witnessed at the GVMC main office.

Property tax payments picked up only last month of the financial year when the government generally announces interest waiver.

Collectible demand

Of the total collectible demand of Rs. 170.39 crore from 4.14 lakh assessments, Rs.142.65 crore was realised till Monday evening. Zone II that accounted for the highest demand of Rs. 44.7 crore got a payment of Rs.35.4 crore and Zone V realised Rs.25.16 crore against a demand of Rs.25.16 crore till Sunday.

Against the arrears of Rs.26.57 crore from last year, so far Rs.20.64 crore was realised.

Surprisingly, the tax payments seem to be better up to the penultimate day of the last financial year compared to this year.

In 2012-13, against a collectible demand of Rs.167.43 crore, Rs.142.64 crore was realised.

Last year, Bheemunipatnam and Anakapalle were not part of the GVMC.

Though the GVMC Saukaryam Centre hardly received any tax-payers by evening, they were asked to stay back till midnight.

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