A city-based open source software development company has designed and developed a broad based portal to help the students plan their career effectively with the support of the colleges and their parents.

The portal www.altocarrera.com is designed to bridge the knowledge gap between the requirements of the industry and the available resources, CEO of NeelSys India Pvt Ltd, Srinivas Balasadi said in a telecon from the USA. The companies can look at the macro metrics of the academic performance of the colleges and its students. The big data analysis of the performance of students across different disciplines and colleges would help the industry also design its training programmes. On the other hand the colleges and students can look at the industry requirements and select a career path dynamically. The colleges would be able to fine tune their courses to suit the need of the industry, he explained.

The company has chosen to develop the platform using open source technologies to leverage the advantages of the solutions available in the public domain apart from enabling a comprehensive customisation, Mohan of NeelSys India explained. Further, using open source ensures that the portal remains free for all the users, he added. This makes NeelSys one of the few software companies in the city that are into product development.

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