BARC raises no objection to the proposed investment region

C.B.S. Venkataramana, Additional Secretary, Atomic Energy, Government of India, has said that BARC has no objection to the proposed Visakhapatnam-Kakinada Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemicals Investment Region (V-K PCPIR).

Stating that the BARC is a research centre, he has underlined the importance of safeguarding environmental interests alongside industrial growth. He was speaking at a meeting on PCPIR on Friday convened by VUDA Vice-Chairman Kona Sasidhar.

The meeting was meant for seeking advice from BARC as it exists in PCPIR purview.

Mr. Venkataramana underlined the need for developing connectivity to meet the demand in PCPIR area.

The Vice-Chairman apprised him of the details of the draft master plan of the PCPIR and said the draft was ready for submission to the government for approval.

All aspects of human life, flora and fauna, environment and conservation of the interests of the local communities, especially the fishermen etc., were taken care of during the preparation of the master plan, he said.

APIIC Executive Director S. Satyanarayana, VUDA Chief Urban Planner R.J. Vidyullatha, PCPIR Deputy Director V. Ramkumar, BARC Scientist Venkata Ratnam and the representative of LEA Associates, who are preparing the Master Plan, Panner Selvam attended the meeting.

Mr. Venkata Ramana, who worked as Vice-Chairman of VUDA during 1990-92, was greeted by VUDA officials.

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