Presence of 10 banks in the Midhilapuri VUDA Colony typifies its importance. However, one will be aghast to know that the colony, developed by VUDA as a pilot project to decongest population in the city and promote a satellite township in 1989, does not have a park to boast of.

What the spacious colony, which is located in between the highway and the beach road, has four plots with boundary walls, full of shrubs with no play/amusement equipment, making them a home for snakes, rats, mosquitoes and other vectors.

The parks with broken boundary walls are in existence as VUDA in its layout showed them as parks – the lung space required in any colony envisaged by the urban development agency.

As their repeated representations did not yield any result, the residents themselves under the initiative of the welfare association took up the maintenance of a park near Mogadaramma temple. The association in 1998 developed a dais and place to sit and relax.

“We are ready to ensure the better upkeep and maintenance of the parks if the VUDA/GVMC came forward to create some facilities and hand them over to us,” said Midhilapuri VUDA Colony Residents’ Welfare Association president G.S.V.S. Gupta.

To make their surroundings neat and clean, the association recently took up a drive to clear the bushes and shrubs from the parks. At the park maintained by the association near Mogadaramma temple, the association organises meetings to hoist flag on the occasion of Independence Day and meeting of active members to discuss civic issues.

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