Life is peaceful and environment is healthy. One thing that makes us feel insecure is absence of medical facilities. The colony does not have even a good park. We have no rythu bazaar too.— D. Vijaya Lakshmi, a resident

The once active welfare association of the three-decade-old PMP Colony is today not functioning. With the original character of the once closely knit colony experiencing demographic changes, a sense of association and family spirit is lost and people hardly have time for anything, says Venkat Rao, a resident of the colony.

Space for a park in the midst of the colony behind the police station is waiting for some one to develop it. Though there are residences surrounding the park, nobody is taking interest to plant trees, develop walking track, or do anything worthwhile to promote greenery in and around the park. The lone park is filled with thorns, thistles, and useless plants. Another resident D.Vijaya Lakshmi wants the GVMC to take the lead for developing the park with the cooperation of locals. Several residents say that despite the presence of a police station, thefts are reported when residents lock the houses and go out of station. They are also concerned that the police station is being shifted to Yendada, and if that happens, at least a police outpost must be in place, the residents feel.

The residents feel that the area does not have either a government or private hospital worth mentioning for attending to general treatment.

For every minor health issue one has to run to the city. In times of emergency, the residents rely upon only the 108 service.

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