Parents cautioned against admitting their children to these schools

About 123 high schools and 78 primary and upper primary schools, run by private managements in the district, are not recognised by the government.

Releasing the lists of the two categories of schools on Friday, District Educational Officer K. Krishnaveni cautioned the parents against getting cheated by the managements of these schools. The Education Department would not be liable if children were admitted to these schools, Ms. Krishnaveni said. The detailed list of these schools is available on the website

Kept in dark

At the time of issuing hall tickets for SSC examinations during March, parents of the children of Narayana e-Techno School at Seetammadhara staged a protest against the school management and also the Education Department when their children were issued hall tickets from two other schools. Only then did they come to know that this school was not recognised, though the management claimed that it had government recognition.

Most of the schools in the list are located in GVMC area and a few in rural mandals. Among them were Sri Chaitanya Techno Schools at Elamanchili and Elamanchili and Narayana Techno Schools at NAD Kotha Road, MVP Colony, Siripuram and Seetammadhara.

Notices issued

Notices were issued to eight schools to close down, while proposals were being readied in case of five other schools. Two schools have moved the court and notices were not issued to the rest of the schools. The unrecognised schools are also located in Atchyutapuram, Butchaiapeta, Rambilli, Elamanchili, Anakapalle, Chodavaram, Paravada and Payakaraopeta mandals.

Seventy of the unrecognised primary and UP schools are in GVMC area and the rest in Devarapalli, V. Madugula, Cheedikada, S. Rayavaram, Payakaraopeta and Munagpaka mandals.

All the 78 schools have been served notices. Two schools have filed cases in court.