A total of 17 different types of vegetables for Rs.99! Sounds unbelievable? In these days of skyrocketing prices, who will come out with such a golden offer?

All the more surprising, it has come from the government-managed rythu bazars. But, here lies the catch. The offer is on ‘first come, first served' basis as no one is sure till when the stocks last.

The offer was launched amidst much fanfare at MVP Rythu Bazar on Wednesday evening. Though there wasn't much publicity on the first day, 50 packets were sold out by 8.30 p.m.

Packets were prepared and sale started by 9.30 a.m. on Thursday and within 15 minutes the total stock of 100 packets was sold out. Tokens were issued and those in queue could avail the special offer.

The actual cost of the vegetables sold under the scheme is Rs.116.50.

It is learnt that the farmers (vendors) were being asked to reduce their commission and sell the vegetables at lower rates instead of the government bearing the burden. They also have to weigh and pack the 17 different vegetables without getting any additional remuneration. This, understandably, made many farmers unhappy.

On Thursday evening, buyers were seen making enquiries after seeing the banner. They were asked to come back on Friday morning as there was no stock. “We are making efforts to provide at least 200 packets tomorrow,” Estate Officer of MVP Rythu Bazar G. Prasad said.

“We are involving farmers in packing as we do not have adequate staff. We are motivating them to pack more as it would be beneficial to them in the long run. Today, we extended the special offer at the Seethammadhara and MVP rythu bazars. We have motivated farmers at Akkayyapalem, Kancharapalem and Gopalapatnam to take up the scheme and they have agreed to do so on Friday,” Assistant Director (Marketing) B. Ravi Kumar said.

People feel that the offer is good but if adequate stocks are not kept, not many will benefit.


Vegetables for just Rs.99June 8, 2013

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