House, furniture suffer extensive damage

One person was killed and two others sustained minor injuries in a powerful explosion triggered by home-made Deepavali bombs, at a house at Durga bazaar in Sector 5 in Arilova suburb near Visakhapatnam on Friday evening.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (Madhurawada) K. Rajendra Rao said that it emerged from a preliminary inquiry that K. Prasad, a cellphone mechanic, and Arasavilli Vinodh (19) were making cracker bombs in the house of the former. The explosion occurred when Vinodh was engaged in making bombs. At the time Prasad had gone out on an errand. The bombs made of sulphur and potassium went off, ripping the outer portion of the building.

The impact of the explosion was so powerful that Vinodh died on the spot.

According to local people, a gas cylinder exploded simultaneously. All the household goods suffered extensive damage. The blast ripped apart wooden furniture and refrigerator, besides causing massive cracks on the walls and sunshades.

Lakshmi, living in the neighbourhood, suffered minor injuries and was in a state of shock. The injured were rushed to the King George Hospital where they were given first aid. The Arilova outpost police are investigating.

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