Most of us carry in our hearts unsung melodies. Overwhelmed by apprehensions, mostly baseless, we do not express ourselves and prefer to carry on silently. It is this barrier that lies inside us that we have to overcome, director iFocus Mission Evani Sekhar explained.

One of the major reasons why we do not step out is because we are afraid of being noticed, he said speaking at the inauguration of the Visakhapatnam Chapter of iFocus Mission here on Sunday. He urged the youth to have the confidence to face failure only then would they be able to succeed.

By allowing the apprehensions take control of our lives we have become a nation of clerical excellence and only when we break free from that can we really perform to our potential, he said and added that iFocus Mission was determined to help people attain their potential. The mission aims at transformation of individuals from ordinary persons to extraordinary persons through training and constant mentoring, he explained.

Started with the blessings of spiritual leader Sivananda Murthy this highly successful socio-professional network has grown in strength from a mere five members eight years ago to a family of over 15,000 today, soft skill trainer Sucharita explained.

For details on membership contact 8008644333 or 8008744333 or mail to teamifocus@ifocusmission.



Youth empowerment seminar on May 16May 10, 2013

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