The right expression, stress on particular words, body language, voice modulation and tone play a role in storytelling.

Storytelling is an art and requires creativity to present in an interesting fashion to the children.

When The Launch Pad trainers Sangitaa Sehgall and Shyla Kurma narrated Indian and African folk tales, close to 35 children were engrossed in their narration at the workshop organised jointly by JustBooks Library and The Launch Pad on Saturday.

The evening was spent by some young children, along with their parents, listening to some fascinating stories in an interactive session. The children responded enthusiastically when the trainers asked them how lions and leopards roar and birds chirp.

The two-hour session also included book-reading session. The idea is to encourage young generation experience the pleasure of reading, says R.V.A. Bhanu Prasad of JustBooks.

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