Transport offices in city, district, connected to 3-tier network

Wish to take a driving test for LLR (Learner’s Licence) or Fresh Driving Licence (permanent licence)?

Relax! No need to rush to the eSeva centre or the office of the Transport Department to book a slot. Log on to and book a convenient slot from the comfort of your home. Registration of vehicles and payment of various taxes can also be done online. Sounds unbelievable?

The offices of the Transport Department in the city and district have been connected to the 3-tier network, developed under the AP State Wide Area Network (APSWAN), on Monday. The new facility will make most transactions possible at the click of a button.

“The new system, scheduled to be implemented all over the State in a month, will provide inter-connectivity between the districts and transactions can be done across the counter as the data from any district could be accessed at the click of a button,” said Deputy Transport Commissioner Md. Saleem. Software engineer S. Madhusudhan, who came from the Transport Commissioner’s Office in Hyderabad, and other officials were also present.

The system facilitates easy storage, retrieval and access to data.

It eliminates delays due to communication and reduces the drudgery of typing information that is already available in the central server. It also minimises the chances of errors.

The central server in Hyderabad will have all the information and the work of the regional offices can also be monitored on a day-to-day basis.

This will increase accountability of the staff and officers and result in greater transparency in services. It will also reduce delays in obtaining No Objection Certificate (NOC) and Clearance Certificate (CC) during inter-district transfers.

Smart cards

Smart cards with bio-metric details are going to be introduced shortly.

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