Visakhapatnam artist Naga Kiranmayi Tata’s debut exhibition is a tribute to her brother who passed away recently.

Happy memories and loss are emotions that trigger creativity in an artist and can convert a blank canvas into a work of art that expresses euphoria or melancholy. Naga Kiranmayi Tata’s first solo exhibition titled ‘Memories’ at the Visakha Heritage Museum that began on Thursday is a tribute to her brother who passed away recently.

Her works provide glimpses into her childhood spent in the city with her brother.

The banyan tree that they used to swing on, evenings on the beach, a lily pond near their old house, and a trip to Araku, among others, have all been recreated on her canvas.

Abstract work

In her abstract works, she has combined the fond memory of her childhood with a sense of deep loss that she felt as she was painting the series over three months. Each frame which is a mix of ink, watercolour, charcoal and pastel has a story behind it and is a glimpse into a very personal space.

The colours are bright, vibrant and remind you of Holi at first glance and as you spend time observing the details, you realise that each canvas tells a story.

The use of water colours gives the feeling that each memory has been smudged by the tears of the loss but is still very much intact.

She has used tea stains and has even painted using leaves to create flowy patterns and to add texture. A wall in the gallery is dedicated to the works of her brother N. Sai Aditya Tata.

Kiranmayi currently lives in Brisbane, Australia and is pursuing a career in art after spending the first two decades of her life dabbling in other fields. The exhibition is on till June 9.