Decision of the government to leave it to a committee to decide headquarters of new railway zone for AP is disappointing.

People of Uttarandhra should have a separate railway zone with Visakhapatnam as headquarters and two new Divisions of Srikakulam/Palasa and Rajahmundry could be created and included in the Visakhapatnam Zone. If people of Vijayawada and Guntur want a separate zone for themselves, they can have it with Vijayawada, Guntur and Guntakal Divisions.

If a new railway zone is not created soon, the committee may not do justice to people of Uttarandhra, going by the past experience. Since it is a political decision, MPs and MLAs must approach the Prime Minister himself and secured the railway zone if they want to prove themselves that they honour people’s wish.

C.S. Rao


Pride of India

By scaling Mt. Everest 13-year-old Malavath Poorna and 18-year-old S. Ananad Kumar have broken the myth that climbing Mt. Everest is the monopoly of a few foreigners, who perhaps have several years of hard training. The two students from low economic strata have done India proud by scaling the world’s highest mountain. It is evident things are changing fast and our youth are emerging victorious on all fronts.

Sripada Subrahmanyam


Sane advice

RBI’s advisory to the state governments that mass loan waiver schemes would adversely affect the financial health of the banks and ultimately such decisions would lead to financial instability is not only a sane advice. It also reveals AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu’s hollow mind as he thinks that the RBI works as per directions of the Centre, and his brinkmanship. Of late, it has become a habit with the political parties to promise the moon to the electorate giving little thought to the financial burden and how to bear it. The election laws must direct political parties to explain how such promises would be fulfilled without troubling public sector banks, or the RBI must debar banks from granting loans based on such reckless promises. Loan waiver discriminates those repaying loans promptly against the wilful or otherwise defaulters and encourages every one not to repay loans. This will be a sad state of affairs.

Ganti Mahapatruni Rama Rao


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