Alarmed over its students not achieving good grades and unable to compete with students from other universities and institutions in securing jobs and in competitive examinations, Andhra University administration is contemplating introducing a new method to evaluate its teachers’ performance.

It has noticed that students of some departments of Arts and Commerce and Law colleges are hardly able to score 60 per cent marks and their performance it stopping at C grade in the semester-end examinations.

The new method being thought of, would evaluate a teacher based on the pass percentage and grades or percentage of marks his or her students get in the semester-end examinations.

The existing system of evaluation of their teachers by the students at the end of the academic year has not given the desired results since some HoDs themselves are allegedly filling up the feedback forms even without the students aware of that being done.

There are also allegations that some teachers are not effective in their teaching and hardly motivate the students and that some teachers are not giving the marks deserved by the students. Fifty percent is the highest marks they are willing to grant.

The present system of evaluation of teachers by the students at the end of the academic year through feedback from the students is likely to see a minor change with teachers from one campus college visiting departments in another college and collect the feedback forms from students. It is also reported that some students are not able to note the scale of performance of a teacher in the feedback form. This will also be explained to them from teachers from other colleges.

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