Focus of the Indian Society of Geomatics is shifting towards coastal issues such as population increase and trade since the coastal area and its eco-system are facing tremendous pressure due to several factors and climate change, society’s president and Union Secretary of Earth Sciences Shailesh Nayak said here on Tuesday.

He was speaking at a press conference on the eve of a ISG-Indian Society of Remote Sensing (ISRS)’s national symposium on remote sensing and GIS for environment with special emphasis on marine and coastal dynamics, commencing at Andhra University College of Engineering here on Wednesday.

Geographic Information System (GIS) and the National Remote Sensing Centre (Hyderabad) were playing a crucial role in providing information on cyclones. “We have a new programme called National GIS to create models for different areas”, Dr. Nayak said. Director of NRSC (Hyderabad) and president of ISRS V.K. Dadhwal said the two organisations came together to hold national symposium since last year. Remote sensing was useful in many areas like agriculture, geology, water resources, urban planning, etc. Vigorous scientific was needed for improved understanding of this date and subsequent utilisatioin for social benefits, he said. Regarding the national symposium, Dr. Dadhwal said Dr. Nayak would deliver the Dr. Vikram Sarabhai lecture and five more awards would be presented and the award winners would make presentations during one of the sessions. There would be special talks by ISRO scientists and others. Vice-Chancellor of AU G.S.N. Raju explained the importance of remote sensing and GIS.

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