The area, though small, has grown vertically into bustling township

Narasimhanagar, an extension of grand old Akkayyapalem is a planned residential township with a population of nearly 10,000. Once a sleepy residential area and scarcely populated has over the years emerged into a lively township.

Right from the beginning the township had a flavour of affluence and many who purchased plots three decades ago have constructed individual houses. With the passage of time, like all other areas, apartment culture crept in and changed the demography of what looked like a retired people’s colony. The area though small in size grew vertically into bustling residential township with schools, colleges, banks and other commercial establishments making their presence felt. Narasimhanagar is a mixture of private housing layouts and residential quarters of Visakhapatnam Port Trust.

Vijaya Kumari, a resident says that the township can boast of two schools ‘Belmont’ and ‘Hermon’ which were as old as the colony and had greatly contributed to local children’s education especially during the early days when the colony residents lived in isolation devoid of basic amenities. The families of workers of Port Trust gave the secluded and upcoming colony good company and integrated with Narasimhanagar. Before the onset of apartment culture, the colony residents had a sense of comradeship and there were occasions when families came together.

Gradually the family spirit began to fade with the disappearance of older generation. Ronald, an apartment resident says that residents in his apartment complex meet on different occasions like weddings, funerals and even for birthday parties. Durga, a housewife says that the colony used to have a large park but in its place a Rytu Bazzar had been established. The presence of which is a great boon to women.

Narasimhanagar is surrounded by a modern and state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor stadium with modern sports infrastructure the city can boast of. On the other side the colony has a large general hospital being operated by the Port Trust which is a boon to the locals.


A landmark structureJanuary 14, 2015

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