TDP chief interacts with the bereaved family members

Telugu Desam president N. Chandrababu Naidu called on the Korimilli family at Balayya Sastry Layout and expressed sympathies to the bereaved family members on Wednesday. It may be recalled that Korimilli Adilakshmi, her three sons and son-in-law died in the tragedy at Uttarakhand. Mr. Naidu, who was here to attend the regional conference of the party, proceeded to Gajuwaka after the meeting. He went to the house of party leader Gudiwada Nagamani and blessed her son Amar and his wife. Later, he called on Kona Tata Rao whose father died recently and consoled him.

Later, he went to the house of Korimilli Kondala Rao. Kondala Rao spoke of his difficulties in obtaining the death certificates of his mother, brothers and brother-in-law. Mr. Naidu told him that he would speak to the officials and ensure that justice was done to him. Keerthi Pujitha, who was stranded while returning from Kedarnath, said that there was no assistance from the State government. He asked her to contact the TDP leaders in the city if she needed any help.

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