Missing head and partially decomposed body make identification of victim difficult

The mystery shrouding the bizarre murder case in which the body parts of an unidentified man were found in a drain beside the National Highway near the airport has finally been unravelled by the city police.

While the torso was found packed in a green cloth, the hands were found at another place on the other side of the road, sending a chill down the spine of morning walkers on July 23 this year.

The murder was committed to claim ownership of a 288-square yard site belonging to Adusumilli Jitendranath (68) of Pandurangapuram. Giving details to the media on Tuesday, Police Commissioner B. Shivadhar Reddy said the missing head and the partially decomposed body made it difficult for the police to identify the body.

He attributed the delay in cracking the case to the Panchayat elections and the subsequent Samaikyandhra agitation. Jitendranath owned a house in Sector-6, MVP Colony, which he had purchased from VUDA in 1993 for Rs.55,000. He lived in the house for sometime with his family and subsequently gave it on rent to a dentist and shifted to Pandurangapuram, where he had another house.

The dentist vacated the house in 1989 after which it remained vacant and gradually became dilapidated.

Jitendranath was staying alone at Pandurangapuram as his three sons and daughter were settled abroad and his wife Manimala was spending most of her time visiting them. Manimala, on coming to know that her husband went missing from their home from July 22, lodged a complaint with the Three Town police.

Jitendranath too had filed a cheating and forgery case before he went missing from his house. He had also filed a civil dispute case in the court that some persons were trying to grab his site.

He alleged that V. Ganga, Sravani, and four others were trying to grab his old house at MVP Colony with the help of forged documents. Mr. Shivadhar Reddy said that Jitendranath had come to know that the accused were trying to grab his land at MVP Colony when the neighbours called him up and asked him whether he had ordered demolition of the old house.

He went to the Sub Registrar’s Office and verified the documents pertaining to his house in MVP Colony and got the shock of his life...


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