Have a penchant for music but are unable to find a suitable guru?

Musicians Appala Vasantha Lakshmi and her brother N. Ramakrishna have made the task easy for you. They developed a software application ‘Sunaadam’ for the use of both learners and professionals of instrumental and vocal music to master the art on their own and at their own pace. Sounds interesting? Read on.

The common problem faced by learners is that gurus (teachers) take classes only once or twice a week. The students have to practise at home for the rest of the week. Many a time, students practise the wrong note and there would be no one to correct them till their teacher points out the mistake in the next class.

This had made Ms. Vasantha Lakshmi think of a solution. She developed the software application along with her brother N. Ramakrishna, mechanical engineer and flute artiste, based in the UK. This software allows music learners and professionals to practise at their own pace in a systematic manner. The lessons are structured and anyone knowing the basics can easily learn playing the instruments with perfect shruti, laya and talam.

A native of Kovvur of West Godavari district, she started learning vocal and veena from Tirupati Ponnaiah Mastaru at the age of five. She is presently organising Carnatic classical music and light music classes for various age groups and also offering free classes to children of their 150-flat apartment complex at Venkojipalem in the city.

“Sunaadam is user-friendly software, consisting of three parts: basic songs, talam support, and ‘help’, which gives the operation process of the software. The software can be installed on the operating systems Windows-XP, 7, Vista and 8 with Java support in desktops, laptops and notebooks,” she says.

One can log on to sunaadam.com for the trial version.


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