VUDA Vice-Chairman tells people to be cautious

The special team formed by VUDA Vice-Chairman N. Yuvaraj identified 19 unauthorised layouts in the district during its field inspections. The team headed by Deputy Director of PCPIR V. Ramkumar identified 14 layouts in Payakaraopeta and another five in Rambilli mandal which have been developed by private individuals without obtaining any approval from VUDA or applying for permission.

Layout developed by Chakka Suryanarayana in 3.91 acres in Survey number 166/1, Peddireddy Narayana Murthy (5.43 acres, S No. 163); B. Satyavathi, P. Venkataramanamma, B. Ramakrishnam Raju, P.V. Rama Devi, Ummidisetty Ramu and I. Subba Lakshmi (6.06 acres in S No.195/2, 195/5, 2A, 3B, 205/2D, 2E, 205/4, 205/5); Peddireddy Nageswara Rao (2.3 acres, S No. 159/2); Kapu Simhachalam, Varalakshmi, Sanyasi Rao, Lakshmi and Vanapalli Parvathi (2.1 acres, S No. 138/1) and Tadela Rama Devi, Indukuri Sudhakar, Gundrapu Anuradha and Reddy Nageswari (3.5 acres, S. No. 185/2p, 189/2c, 188/1, 190/2p, 185/2, 190/2) have been identified as unauthorised layouts. Another layout by Devavarapu Kannabbai (1.7 acres, S. No. 191/2B); Vadapalli Krishnam Raju and V Satyanarayana Raju (4.2 acres, S No. 192/1A, 1B, 192/2A, 2B); Rokalla Varahalu, Narasinga Rao, Surya Kumari, B. Rambabu, G. V. Varaparasad, Surampudi Srinu Kumar Raja, Nadimpalli Harikrishna Raju and V. Sailaja (4.39 acres, S No. 77/2B, 2C, 5C, 78/1, 77/2A and 77/5B); G. Varalakshmi, A.V.S. Krishnam Raju, J. Srinu and J. Padmavathi (4.93 acres, S No. 193/2, 193,3 and 193/4); U. Ramu, U. Subbalakshmi, V. Eswara Rao, J. Chandra Kala, and J. Appa Rao (4.29 acres, S No. 195/1A, 1B, 1D, 2B, 195/K1, 196/2B, 3 and 205/4); Penumuchu Nageswara Rao and Devavarapu Anand Kumar ( 1.33 acres, S No. 72/10, Jagata Yega Rao (1.43 acres, S No 203/2 and 204/20) and the layout developed by Peddireddy Veera Venkata Satyanarayana in 4.70 acres at the adjoining location have not obtained any permission from VUDA. The team, after verification of records and on field, declared them unauthorised.

Five more unauthorised layouts were found in Krishnapalem village of Rambilli mandal. They are: by Rajana Appa Rao in one acre in S No. 154/14,15 and 16, Pasupathi Ramu and Raja and others (9.84 acres, S No. 143/3 (A to Q) and 144); Rajana Venku Naidu (1.90 acres, S No. 174/14), Rajana Ramulamma (2.59 acres, S No 154/16, 21, 27 and 31) and the one developed by Rajana Demudamma and Chandra Kala in 1.40 acres of land in survey numbers 142/ 2 to 6 have also been identified as illegal layouts.

Mr. Yuvaraj has cautioned the public not to purchase plots from unauthorised layouts.

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