More Central paramilitary forces are likely to be sent to Visakha Agency area while the request for providing services of a helicopter is pending with the highest authorities, said Superintendent of Police Vineet Brij Lal while talking on the present situation in the Visakha Agency after the CPI (Maoist) stepped up its violence. The CRPF on duty in the Agency was doing a good job and its morale was high, Mr. Brij Lal said.

According to him the number of underground and armed Maoists was not more than 40 but the party was recruiting more militia members and keeping the new recruits with the armed members for a month or two and then sending them back to the villages.

Action teams of Maoist party, around four or five, are moving around but the police would definitely plan counter moves to their actions. The actions teams were reportedly moving both in the agency and plain areas and there might be an action in a few days. The Maoists had also conducted a rekki at a place in the plain area near the Visakha Agency recently.

Mr. Brij Lal said policing in the Agency needed improvement and before it was improved certain measures would be taken to control the situation.

The SP strongly condemned the Maoist party for destroying the road-laying equipment at Kudumusara and other violent act in the past few days like killing the ZPP Vice-Chairman U. Somalingam and firing at a jeep resulting in injuries to six Girijans. Local people wanted the road and bridge near Kudumusara but the Maoists did not allow it to be constructed. It was the police and not the Maoists, who had taken care of the six injured Girijans by airlifting them to Visakhapatnam and provided high quality treatment, he said.

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