In a letter to the Chief Minister, Union Minister Purandeswari has recalled that even Bhimili municipality had resolved against the merger

Citing the experience of the earlier merger of 32 panchayats forming the GVMC, Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry D. Purandeswari has opposed the move to merge Bhimili and Anakapalle municipalities with the GVMC.

In a letter to the Chief Minister, she said after the formation of the GVMC, people had hoped that there would be abundance of funds and all basic amenities would be provided in the merged areas.

However, contrarily, till date even drinking water and drainage facilities could not be provided by the civic body, drawing severe criticism against the GVMC, the party, and the government itself, she said.

“The belief that merger would provide either added resource inflow or better civic amenities in the merged areas is far-fetched,” she said in the letter. She was reacting to the letter of the City Planning wing of the GVMC urging her views on the merger.

Pointing out the significance of Bheemunipantam, she said it was the second oldest municipality in the country and merger with the GVMC would mean ignoring the historic importance.

With the GVMC not being able to even collect taxes to the fullest potential, none could be sure whether it would be able to augment any additional resources by the merger.

Ms. Purandeswari recalled that even Bhimili municipality had resolved against merger.

Site for market

In a separate letter, the Ninister, citing the request of Vizag Development Council, said since the present wholesale vegetable market was situated in a congested and polluted area, 15 to 20 acres of land should be allotted at Arilova for easy connectivity solving the pollution problem.

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