It is being held to clear the large number of pending cases in the State

Visakhapatnam stood first among all districts by settling 660 civil cases during the mega Lok Adalat conducted during March in the district, Principal District Judge and Chairperson of District Legal Services Authority P. Sree Sudha informed while announcing that another mega Lok Adalat would be held on May 5 and 6 in the district, at a press conference here on Thursday.

The Lok Adalat was scheduled to be held in the district on April 28 and 29 along with the rest of the State but was postponed due to the Junior Judges examinations to be held at the same time.

The Lok Adalats are being held to clear the large number of pending cases in the State, including the compoundable criminal cases. Settling a case through mutual consent through conciliation would save money and time for the litigants.

Support from the Bar Association, the police, banks, insurance companies, chit fund companies, standing counsels of the companies was sought to make the Lok Adalats a success, Ms. Sree Sudha said. The number of pending cases in the district was 59, 014 out of which 30,953 were criminal cases.

During the Lok Adalats held during February and March 1,235 cases involving and amount of Rs. 4.01 crore and 1,955 cases involving Rs. 3.49 crore respectively were settled, she said.

Special benches

Appeals were also being taken up at the Lok Adalats. Eighteen to 20 benches would be constituted during the Lok Adalat to settle the cases.

The Chairperson also informed that special benches would be constituted on other days if the insurance companies, banks and others were ready to come up sufficient number of cases.

On the accommodation for courts in the District Courts complex, the PDJ said proposals for new modern buildings were sent to the government. Number of courts has gone up but the existing buildings were not sufficient to accommodate them.

There was need to pull down old buildings and construct multi-story buildings in their place but the main building of the District Courts complex, in which the PDJ's court is located would not be disturbed, she said.

Secretary of the District Legal Services Authority M. Venkata Ramana was also present.

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