Andhra University Vice-Chancellor B. Satyanarayana on Sunday released the second edition of the ‘All-in-one manual of Industrial Piping Practice and Maintenance, on-the-job solutions, tips and insights', written by city engineer K. Krishna Murthy and published by Industrial Press, New York.

Speaking on the occasion, he, while congratulating the author, said that piping was a very complicated subject as it dealt with a variety of metals that melted at varied temperatures and exposed to a large number of industrial chemicals.


It was also difficult to bring out all the information in one design, layout and maintenance in one place, he stated, adding that the manual would be useful to students, workers and also experienced persons as it had high value for chemical and mechanical engineers.

Senior Vice-President of Coromandel Fertilisers S. Govind Rajan, who presided, spoke about the practical experience to be given to the students.

He recalled his long association with the author and felt that all experienced persons should record their knowledge in writing.

Excellent job

CEO of Pharmazel Anant Barbadikar who reviewed the book said that Mr. Murthy had done an excellent job and the book contained knowledge and practical experience written in simple language.

The author Mr. Krishna Murthy thanked all those who helped him in the work and recalled his difficulties in getting theinformation.

Noted writer Dwibhashyam Rajeswara Rao who welcomed the gathering said that the work was the only one of its kind and Mr. Murthy who retired from Coromandel Fertilisers in the city after a distinguished career of 37 years, was now working as a consultant for Dr. Reddy's Labs and other organisations. Mr. Murthy had earlier written three books – ‘Spice in Science' published by Pustak Mahal,

‘Over 50 Exciting electronics Experiments', and ‘50 Timeless Scientists', besides numerous publications in the Science Reporter, and several English and Telugu newspapers and his talks were broadcast by AIR, Visakhapatnam.

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