Job seekers, who handed over money to a person who promised them employment in Singapore, are crying hoarse that they neither got the jobs nor their money back. The white collar criminal is still on the run.

N. Eswara Rao of Aganampudi reportedly collected Rs.1 lakh each from 19 candidates promising the latter to secure them jobs in a company in Singapore. He issued Visas in the name of the Singapore-based company.

He took the candidates to Chennai by train and from there he sent 11 of them by flight to Singapore on July 7.

The 11 candidates were taken into custody by the Singapore Airport officials when their Visas were found to be fake.

They said that the said company in Singapore was closed more than a year ago.

The candidates were sent back to India by an Indian Airlines flight.

At Chennai Airport, the officials seized their passports as they hadn't paid the airfare. The hapless candidates returned to the city and lodged a complaint with the Duvvada Police on Monday.

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