Lok Satta Party (LSP) founder president Jayaprakash Narayan expressed hope that people would vote his party to power in the 2014 elections due to their disenchantment with the Congress and Telugu Desam parties which always tried to garner their support by luring them with money and liquor.

He also stressed the need for youth to come forward to cleanse politics and expose the real motives of the mainstream parties which showed superficial commitment to people's welfare. Elections could come any time, the party should be prepared to seize the opportunity, Mr. Narayan called upon the cadres. Addressing Party Leadership Summit on the occasion of its Fifth Formation Day here on Saturday, Mr. Narayan said the people were vexed with the main parties -- Congress and TDP -- and looking for a credible alternative and there was no reason why LSP could not fill the slot.

The Congress was bogged down by internal squabbling while its main opposition TDP played opportunistic politics. Both of them completely neglected the people's well-being.

The contemporary parties were creating differences among the people to achieve their own goals. The major political parties were spending up to Rs 10 crore per candidate in the Assembly elections but the LSP was firmly committed to stick to the expenditure limit.

It was not prepared to cross the line drawn by Election Commission.

The party was prepared to show the way to deliver good governance in a truly democratic manner, he asserted.

Earlier, Mr. Narayan was taken on a horse from the bypass road to DRRM High School in a rally to mark the party's formation day. Party conveners K. Ramalakshmi (Karnataka) and Senthil Armugam (Tamil Nadu), Secretary (A.P) K. Srinivasa Rao, district president A. Siva Ramesh Reddy and others were present.

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