They intend to opt for NOTA in the general elections if none comes forward to address their concerns

In their struggle to achieve their rights, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in the city may explore ‘none of the above’ (NOTA) option in the ensuing elections.

The community, during informal discussions organised by NGOs supporting their cause such as Gram Swaraj, Naandi Society, and Nature, has threatened to avail themselves of the NOTA option if none comes forward with an action plan to redress their grievances.

While hailing the recent Supreme Court judgment to allow transgender to mention their gender as third gender, they say, in terms of rights of people concerned, this is a much needed decision.

“There is evidence that Indian society has recognised a third gender from the medieval times. A governmental recognition is the need of the hour in view of gross denial of human rights for the transgender community,” Shanti Vardhan, an activist, said.

“Non-availability of education and job opportunities is driving even the well educated members of the community into begging and sex work. Now, the community can hope for a certain and prospective future,” the activist stated.

“But there seems to be some uncertainty regarding who will actually fall into the TG category,” the activist said.

Welcoming the court order for which the TG activists want to organise celebrations in the city, Bharati of Gram Swaraj said the court had done the right thing directing the government to extend reservations in educational institutions and jobs to transgender.

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