The king of fruits has made an early appearance at the markets this season to the delight of mango lovers of the city. "This year we had a good and early crop, particularly in East and West Godavari districts, more so in the Chagalanadu region," says Sunkara Srinu, a mango vendor from Kolamuru near Rajahmundry.

Srinu has been setting up his makeshift stall near the All India Radio (AIR) Station at Siripuram junction for the past three years. The ‘Banginapalli’ variety is on sale for prices ranging between Rs.200 and Rs250 a dozen while ‘Suvarna Rekha’ is up for grabs at Rs.150 a dozen.

The ‘uragaya mamidi’ (raw fruit varieties to make pickle) is available for Rs.500 to Rs.800 for 100 fruits, depending on the variety.

With the sun beating mercilessly giving an indication of things to come, the denizens are already scurrying for shade even before noon. The biggest reward for the unbearable climate is the juicy fragrant seasonal delight.


`King of Fruits' arrives in cityApril 17, 2007

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