An accident in which three students were killed in 2009 was the result of the driver talking on mobile while at the wheel

RTC driver P. Satyanarayana was recently sentenced to undergo 10-year rigorous imprisonment for rash and negligent driving that had resulted in the death of three girl students from Hyderabad, at Kurmannapalem in the city in April 2009.

Satyanarayana’s case is in stark contrast to the record performance of some of his colleagues, who had won laurels at various levels for putting in accident-free service ranging from 10 to 25 years, or more.

At one such award function, an award-winning driver drew cheers from the gathering as he declared: “I never use a mobile phone.” Other drivers said they switched off their mobiles on getting behind the wheel.

Satyanarayana was engrossed on his mobile phone even as he was negotiating a turn at Kurmannapalem junction, according to Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Mahendra Pratrudu.

His negligent act had snuffed out the lives of three students who had come to do an internship at the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant as part of their course.

The incident also calls for alertness on the part of passengers.

They should reprimand drivers who use cellphone while driving or are drunk. At least, call the mobile numbers of RTC officials given in the bus and inform them of the lurking danger.

Such drivers should also remember that punishment apart, such incidents would continue to haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Planning to go on a long summer vacation?

Then, do not leave gold, silver, other valuables, and cash in the house.

The city crime police have appealed to the people to inform the police station concerned so that the night beat police could keep an extra vigil on locked houses during their routine rounds.

It’s also advisable to ask your neighbours to keep a watch on the house, but care should be taken not to entrust the keys to domestic help or watchmen.

There are instances of domestic help, especially those whose credentials are not known, making a “clean sweep” of the house and fleeing before their employer returns home from a holiday.

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