For Avani Panchal, B.Tech graduate, winning a gold medal is always a challenge. Though she had represented India 14 times in both Asian and World skating championships and grabbed a number gold and silver medals, her ‘never give-up attitude’ keeps her on the toes. Her positive approach made her walk away with two gold medals at the 25 AP State Artistic Roller Skating Championship-2013 with ease.

R. Farheen, who won three gold medals in the same contest, appeared all the more excited. She said her aim was to take part in the international competitions. It was just a beginning for her to nurture the game balancing both studies and the sport.

Winning two gold medals appears to be effortless for G.L. Aditya, Intermediate student. “This is the sport I enjoy practising the most. After receiving the bronze medal in the 15 Asian Rollers Skating Championship last year, my urge to excel in the art has doubled. And this is the sport where your performance is well recognised.”

R. Arun Kumar, winner of three gold medals and a silver medal, owed his victory to his mother and the coach.

He said without their support it would not have been possible for him to taste the success.

For S. Sradha skating has become part of her life. “Having associated with the game for such a long time, the game is now so close to my heart. After the hectic study schedule, it is such a fun to let yourself loose in a hobby that you are so passionate about,” she said.

Moment of joy

It was a moment of pleasure and joy for the winners of the 25 AP State Artistic Roller Skating Championship-2013 who wanted to freeze every bit of their excitement during the valedictory ceremony.

“Of the 133 contestants, who participated in the State-level championship, 70 candidates will participate in the 51 National Rollers Skating Championship to be held in December. And the majority of contestants are from our city,” chairman of championship committee B.V.S. Kiran Kishore said.

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