A team of seven engineering professionals giving training to them

If you are looking out for an innovative summer crash course and want to enhance logical and creative thinking with loads of fun, training modules on robotics help in pursuing a new passion. From simple to complex mechanism designed on the basis of STEM technology (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), a team of seven engineering professionals train children in various science concepts such as centre of gravity, inertia, acceleration, and programming using drag and drop software and many more.

Dream projects

Children, aged between 7 and 14 gather in batches and explore the basics of robotics, its mechanism and programming to discover their dream projects.

For T.N. Prasad, a parent, robotics is something related to academic curriculum. “My daughter is in Class VI. This vacation, she wanted to learn something creative keeping a tab of her subjects. With the application of STEM technology, robotics course not only helps her concentrate on core subjects but also enhances her logical thinking,” he said.

Practical lessons, projects, interactive sessions and teamwork make the children more participative, explain the trainers. However, parents feel that knowing the child’s interest plays an imperative role in learning. G.V. Sunitha, mother of a 10-year-old boy, said: “Observing the hobbies of the child and providing a platform to enhance his or her skills make the summer vacation quite entertaining. My son loves to do mechanical and dismantling jobs and robotics involves reverse engineering as part of the course.”

Each robot requires a different kind of mechanism to design which includes application of physics, electronics, computer science, mathematics apart from creative and logical thinking, said Reshma of Robotica Adventures. “They form into teams and with the help of the trainers work on different projects like industrial applications, shooter and other interesting concepts. They will be trained on operating electronic sensors, ultrasonic systems and motors. At the end of the course, students will be designing a robot of their choice,” she added. Further details on robotics can be had on 6066001 or 6066002.


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