He is contemplating making a film with ‘down-to-earth’ characters

Noted film director K. Viswanath is contemplating making a film with ‘down-to-earth’ characters and building a story around it.

In a tête-à-tête with The Hindu here on Monday, he said as of now, there were no film on his hands. Of course, he was seen donning many roles in films as acting was his hobby. “My brain is still fertile. I have ideas and plans that can be implemented. I am asked by some as to why I always stuck to classical music and dance and tradition for themes. But, it has always been a swim against the tide –right from Saptapadi. I love to take up social issues and send a message across,” he stated.

Asked as to why he did not attempt directing mythological movies which turned out to be thumping success like Annamayya, Ramadasu and the latest Shirdi Saibaba, he replied: “I don’t have much ‘grip’ over Hindu mythology. Unless you have thorough knowledge of mythological characters, you can’t venture into making a film.”

Why does he prefer to choose titles beginning with the letter ‘s’ for his movies, like Tamil film director A. Bhim Singh who had all his successful movies beginning with ‘p’ like Palum Pazhamum, Pavamannippu, and Pasamalar. “It was a sort of sentiment. Why, even Rakesh Roshan has it. Titles of his films begin with ‘k’ which seem to bring him success,” he pointed out.

On the trends in film journalism, Mr. Viswanath who was in the city to receive the 'Kopparapu Kavula Kalapeetham’ award on Sunday, said the reviews appear to be written by people who lacked basic knowledge of film production. ‘I don’t say they should all the time praise us. But the criticism should be based on facts,” he felt.

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