All the leading hotels in the city have made plans to organise romantic parties on the occasion of Valentine's Day on Tuesday. The hotels along with popular food joints have decorated their premises tastefully to create the right mood to attract customers to come celebrate the occasion with their loved ones. Some have even erected ostentations heart shaped decorations. Special menus have also been created to provide the ultimate romantic evening.

Saint Valentine's Day, popular of late as Valentine's Day is a holiday in Western countries and celebrated in memory of Saint Valentine. It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love towards each other by presenting flowers, chocolates, cakes and sending greetings. It started catching up in India with the advent of TV channels and ushering in of liberalisation of economy.

Hotel GreenPark has created a ‘love zone' where it will offer a Valentine's evening of fun and frolic with a romantic candle light vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffet dinner at Meadows.

“As it's a day to celebrate love, it is better to observe it in an ambience that encourages romance and fun. The exquisite and lavish candle light buffet, live romantic numbers by singer David of Rhythm & Taal, fun games and surprise gifts will be irresistible,” says K.M. Rao, General Manager of GreenPark.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Dolphin Hotel is organising a buffet lunch at Horizon- its restaurant on the seventh floor. Chef Naidu will prepare romantic, heart-touching dishes named after famous Valentines, in and around the world. There are surprise gifts to be won for the lucky couple, and the lobby is specially prepared to welcome guests with warmth.

The pubs in the city have arranged special DJ shows with romantic dinners along with heart-shaped cakes.

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