Pop diva Melissa Totten wows audience with Madonna numbers

For the restless crowd who longed to get a first glimpse of her, she appeared on stage in a haute black attire and a smart leather jacket singing ‘Candy Shop’ with her cascading voice.

The international pop diva from the United States mesmerised the viewers with her lustrous blonde hair and glowing complexion. For a moment, one perceives her as Madonna.

But, on a closer look and a little effort, one finds an impersonator of Madonna — Melissa Totten.

Her buoyant movements and never fading smile carried charisma. Transforming the listeners with her overpowering voice, Melissa continued with captivating numbers of Madonna such as Beat Goes On, True Blue, Vogue, Into The Groove, Open Your Heart, Where Is The Party, Holiday, La Isla Bonita, Like A Virgin, Hung Up, and Papa Don’t Preach.

The crowd grew quite impatient to wait even for a short span of time as she disappeared from the stage on and off, changing attires as swiftly as she changed the numbers.

A true diva

Like a flash, she resumed with more vigour and glamour. Her attires added an extra glitz to her appealing personality. Especially, the black suit, purple top with skin coloured tights and white and purple coloured suit.

As the 90-minute show progressed further, Melissa’s perfect movements and intoxicating voice collectively charmed the pop lovers to unwind and relax.

She took the audience by surprise, coming closer to them with her breathtaking performance.

The show ‘Madonna Forever Tour’ was presented by Black Dog Easy Evenings on Thursday night at a city hotel. Similar shows were held at Goa, Gurgaon, Shillong, Kolkata, Bhubanewsar, and Hyderabad.

The City of Distiny hosted the seventh show, said one of the organisers Avishek Das.