Noted cardiologist and Chairman of Care Group of Hospitals B. Soma Raju on Saturday said maintaining a healthy lifestyle would always keep the risk factor at bare minimum.

He was giving a lecture on high blood pressure in connection with ‘World Health Day’ programme organised by RINL at Visakha Steel General Hospital, Ukkunagaram.

Dr. Somaraju emphasised the basics of the blood pressure measurement, standardisation of the equipment, cause and complications arising out of high blood pressure.

He also stressed the need of lifestyle modification, physical activity, giving up of smoking, drug therapy and newer method of treatment like radio frequency ablation of renal sympathetic system, baro-receptor activity enhancement and slow and deep breathing technique.

He said the goal of treatment should be to reduce the complications like the stroke, coronary artery disease and blindness on account of hypertension.

He also quoted about the Roseto effect, a 50-year comparison of mortality rate. Roseto, a homogenous Italian-American community in Pennsylvania have their family centred social life, absence of ostentation even among the wealthy nearly exclusive patronage of local business.

They have predominance intra-ethnic marriage with striking difference in mortality in comparison to nearby neighbouring American communities between 55 and 65. The difference disappeared as Roseto became more Americanised later. He also emphasised positive effect of social cohesion and support on longevity.

RINL Director (Personnel) Y.R. Reddy appreciated Dr. Somaraju for the tips given by him to maintain a healthy life.

General Manager (Medical & Health Services) M.K. Tripathy introduced the theme to the audience and spoke on global and Indian prevalence of hypertension and its complications.


Rally marks World Health DayApril 7, 2014

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