Art should be subject-oriented, says Ramchand

It takes a while to understand and sink into the beauty of every frame created at the gallery. What makes every painting interesting is the message it delivers with every stroke of the brush. “I feel every art should communicate one’s thoughts and should be subject-oriented. The challenge lies in how you communicate through your work,” artist Ramchand said about his works which have a message embedded in them. He says pain is the best teacher for anybody to explore the inherent talent. Though art is an inborn talent for many, it started off when Ramchand was studying in intermediate. “I had to discontinue my studies due to financial problems. Out of the blue, I started painting and came out of my negative thoughts.” From then on, painting became a passion that dominated his life. Ramchand pours life into canvas using mixed medium and other innovative techniques. And that’s what makes his works special.

His creations like ‘Uthsaham’ designed with etching technique, ‘explosion’ with bright contrasting colours, ‘gloomy and glory’ expressing the dark and brighter side of human moods portray mixed feelings to detail. The monochrome technique of ‘Contentment’ depicts the beautiful relation between parents and child. The gallery also contains contemporary art with interesting collages. Emphasising on the benefits of painting, he said “children of the present generation are becoming more mechanical and are focused on examinations. The real bliss lies in leading a stress-free life and that depends on taking up your passion as a career.” Working as art teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya of INS Kalinga, his permanent art gallery at Tarakarama Nagar soothes wounded souls.

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