The Seethammadhara North Extension area that comes under ninth and 10th wards of GVMC does not have adequate streetlights due to which women complain of chain-snatching, said former Professor and HoD of Law, Andhra University V.V. Somaraju. “A huge sewage pit in the middle of the road opposite to Oxford Talent School near Lions Cancer Hospital turned out to be an accident-prone zone. Despite repeated complaints to the municipal authorities, no action has been taken for the last few years,”

Some residents said an open pool with stagnated water at Rocket Park had become the breeding ground for mosquitoes. An abandoned park besides Dolphin Appa Rao’s residence has turned out to be a discreet meeting spot for the youngsters, despite police patrolling at regular intervals.

Referring to another hitch, dwellers at Sri Krishna Mandir (SKM) complain about the noise pollution caused due to marriage functions at Veda Dharma Rakshana Sabha. “It becomes a big mess during the season as one can hardly find space to take out their own vehicles. The entire row gets choked and disorganised with other vehicles being parked in front of each dwelling. At times, people also discard paper cups and liquor bottles on the road after the get-together. Our repeated pleas to the general secretary of SKM remain unheard,” lamented Ganta Padmanabham, another resident.


SWM: GVMC weighing cost-benefit ratio January 12, 2013

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