They come into force from Nov.1, says Municipal Commissioner

Street committees will be formed on the lines of ward committees for taking decisions on the formation of streets and setting up of shops and maintaining drains, parks, and sanitation.

According to Municipal Commissioner B. Ramanjaneyulu, they come into force from November 1. Senior citizens, degree, PG students and representatives of self-help groups and NGOs will comprise the panels.

The Commissioner has made it clear that permanent sanitation workers in public health have to work on festivals as well and government holidays are not applicable to them.

After he found during his visit to Divisions 22 and 23 on Tuesday that several permanent workers were absent he held a meeting with the representatives of the union on Wednesday.

He told them that weekly-offs should be taken in turns for 52 days and instead of 15 days of casual leave, 35 days could be used.

From January onwards, the number of workers in sweeping would be reduced. While one-third will take up sweeping, two-thirds will be employed for directly collecting garbage from houses, Mr. Ramanjaneyulu said.

Three-man committees comprising assistant engineer, sanitary inspector, and a revenue official would be formed for improving revenue from trade licences.

It was estimated that there were 50,000 shops and establishments in the city that were expected to bring in a revenue of Rs.10 crore but the present earnings from 30,000 shops stood at a mere Rs.3 crore.