The GVMC has prepared a Rs.5.4-crore action plan to tide over water supply problems this summer.

The plan, higher than last year’s Rs.4.8 crore, will have a 30 per cent sanction from the State government.

The rent towards the 150 tankers making 685 trips is estimated at Rs.113.33 lakh, bore well components (Rs.58.05 lakh), pump-set repairs (Rs.33.92 lakh), and new water supply line (Rs.235.29 lakh).

Municipal Commissioner M.V. Satyanarayana said 47 new bores would be sunk at an estimated cost of Rs.33.74 lakh and platforms constructed at 150 bore-wells by spending Rs.8.5 lakh.

He said, as of now, the water levels in the reservoirs were satisfactory and would last up to August.

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