Government's present method of dealing with Maoists is not good, it must have a dialogue with them, said National Alliance of People's Movements leader and Magsaysay Award winner Sandeep Pandey here on Wednesday.

Naxalites are fighting for the poor and the problems need a socio-economic solution, he said at a press conference. Operation ‘Green-Hunt' would only complicate the problems. “If the government can talks to insurgents in Nagaland or Jammu and Kashmir and even with Pakistan, why not with the Maoists, who are people of India. Government must demonstrate a proper will and seriousness,” Dr. Pandey said.

He was afraid that if the government used force against its people, a civil war like situation would emerge in areas like Abuzmud. Peace did not mean end of violence. Peace with justice was peace, he said.

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