The ongoing campaign of the public sector telecom service provider BSNL to get old customers back into the network has been encouraging.

Of the 11,804 landline (LL) and wireless in local loop (WLL) customers in the Visakhapatnam Telecom District whose services had been disconnected for non-payment of dues, the BSNL sent out letters to 5,945 subscribers, urging them to take advantage of the reconnection campaign, Senior General Manager Telecom District P Nagaraju said.

In the eight days of the campaign, which started on August 13, 525 customers have visited the BSNL campaign locations in 27 places and the service provider has received new bookings for 21 landline, 20 broadband, 127 mobile, and 143 other connections. BSNL has reconnected the services of 33 subscribers in the same period, he said. The landline and WLL customers were given the option of clearing their dues in instalments and as an added incentive were offered a free 2G Cellone SIM card. The subscriber was allowed 30 minutes free calls between the linked Cellone number and the primary connection.

BSNL has reconnected the services of 177 during the ongoing campaign. The BSNL has also activated the incoming facility for 6,478 subscribers (LL 5,306 and WLL 1,172) for 30 days pending total reactivation of service, Mr Nagaraju said.

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