Contraband valued at Rs. 66.29 lakh

Five persons were arrested and gold biscuits, valued at Rs.66.29 lakh, were seized from them by the Customs officers of the Air Intelligence Unit of Visakhapatnam International Airport.

The accused persons, Syed Mohamed Doubic Ali, Manzoor Ali Chellakkani, Sagul Hameed, Ravutharnaina Mohamed and Sheik Mohamed Kasimbabu, arrived in the city by Air India Flight AI 952 from Dubai to Visakhapatnam via Hyderabad on March 8. They concealed contraband goods on their persons and in their baggage, according to a statement issued by Commissioner of Customs (Airport) C. Rajendran here on Monday.

Biscuits handed over at Hyderabad

On persistent questioning and thorough examination, it was revealed that Mazoor, Sagul, Ravtharnaina and Kasimbabu, who had boarded the flight at Hyderabad, concealed 22 gold biscuits in their rectums. Of these, 22 were of 100 gm each and one gold biscuit weighed 49.62 gm. The gold biscuits valued at Rs.66,29,979 were recovered from them and seized by Customs officers.

Doubic Ali, who was coming from Dubai to Visakhapatnam, confessed that he handed over the gold biscuits to Kasimbabu on board the flight at Hyderabad, when the latter boarded the plane as a domestic passenger.

All four passengers admitted that they received the gold biscuits on board the flight at Hyderabad.

The accused have been placed under arrest and a transit remand obtained in order to enable production of the accused before the Special Economic Offences Court in Hyderabad.

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