The animals are in quarantine in Hyderabad zoo

An 18-month-old male and nine-month-old female giraffe will enthral visitors to the Indira Zoological Park here during the ensuing Karteeka masam. These giraffes from Kuala Lumpur have already arrived in Hyderabad zoo and are kept in quarantine there.

“Three giraffes were requisitioned from Kuala Lumpur and one died during transit. The animals were brought by ship and one of them was found dead with its head twisted in between its legs. The other two are fine and their month-long quarantine period will end on November 11, after which the giraffes can be brought here,” zoo Curator G. Ramalingam told The Hindu on Saturday.

More expected

“In about three months two elephants are expected to arrive here from the Aurangabad zoo. A committee was formed to study the feasibility of keeping elephants in zoos, and we have already submitted a justification report. We have sufficient area, a natural stream and other facilities and the committee was convinced,” he said.

“The Israel zoo has agreed to give us mandrils, lemurs and marmosets (different kinds of monkeys) and also a chimpanzee to our zoo. But, acquiring the chimp may take a long time as the European Union is against immediate shifting of the chimps as they have a breeding programme. A pygmy hippo and fishing cat are expected to arrive here from Sri Lanka by October-end,” Mr. Ramalingam said.

The moats housing the monitor lizards and water lizard were filled with water due to the torrential rain during the last five days. Realising the danger, the zoo authorities ordered pumping out of the water to prevent possible escape of the animals out of their enclosures.

A chowsinga gave birth to two young ones at the zoo early this month. The cute young ones were seen hiding behind their mother at the quarantine in the zoo.

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